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The Foliage Shoppe in now serviced by McAdams Floral

McAdams Floral Announces Asset Acquisition of Foliage Shoppe of Victoria, TX
Former owner Stanley Schweke will pursue a completely different career path

Victoria, TX – November 27, 2016 – McAdams Floral in Victoria, TX has newly acquired the business assets of fellow florist (and friend!) Foliage Shoppe. Stanley Schweke, who owned Foliage Shoppe for the past 22 years, has decided to pursue dealing with mental health support. So, he has closed his business location.

“This was not an overnight decision. It is what’s right for me right now. It all worked out — I couldn’t believe how well. It was hard in a way to do this, because I have a lot of established customers. What I will miss most are the customers," explains Schweke,

Schweke isn’t the only person who would have miss the customers. Foliage Shoppe’s long-time floral designer Vicky Fuentez was recently hired by McAdams Floral. She agrees, ”My favorite thing about Foliage Shoppe? The customers, always. Making them smile & filling their needs — from sad to happy occasions. I miss the customers & would love to see them at McAdams. I would very much like to serve them with our wonderful team here."

As part of the consolidation, McAdams Floral has acquired Foliage Shoppe’s website, phone number and customer list. So don’t be surprised if you log on Foliage Shoppe’s website (http://www.thefoliageshoppeinc.com/) and it looks different. Or perhaps you will call its telephone number but the McAdams Floral team will answer.

Schweke carefully chose McAdams Floral because he is confident his former customers will be well cared for. “[McAdams Floral is a] very strong as a florist. [Its owner] Clay Atchison has a great ability to market his shop well, utilize the Internet and develop signature arrangements. They have been around a long time, with a good reputation.”

McAdams Floral is committed to serving Foliage Shoppe customers with the high level of service, design and satisfaction that Foliage Shoppe’s customers have come to know.

This arrangement between the two florists makes perfect sense. The business owners have a long-standing relationship with mutual respect and admiration. While indeed their businesses could be considered competition, they considered it complementary.

Atchison explains, “Early on in the floral business, I made a point to meet the competition and introduce myself to the owners. When I came in 1991, Stanley was recognized for having a great design eye, especially decorating homes for Christmas.”

Atchison continues, “Stanley and I would talk about our floral businesses and the industry. He is a very honest, sharing person. We were not threatened by each other. We both had our niche customers (and did not pursue competing projects).”

Schweke shares the sentiment. He says, “Clay’s a strong businessman. We always had a respect for one another. We’ve always gotten along well. Clay was always open and honest to talk business with me. We respect one another and tell it like it is."

The history goes back even further than this camaraderie. Stanley and McAdams Floral founder Joe McAdams worked together at a different floral shop in the mid-1970’s.

“In 1975, I worked at House of Flowers. [One of] several designers was Joe [McAdams, who established McAdams Floral]. He was very handy, and did a lot of the work to make [McAdams Floral] what it is. Of course Joe since passed away. I really liked and respected him. He is very much a forefather in our floral community," recalls Schweke.

All involved are excited for what the future holds. Clay is committed to upholding the successful business Joe McAdams started – and serving ALL customers with the McAdams guarantee. Fuentez is engaged with new designing opportunities at McAdams.

”[At McAdams Floral] I am most excited about working with such talented ladies. It’s very busy here with homecoming and funeral business and regular orders. It is great to work with all of it. It’s the same work, but on a larger scale," says Fuentez.

This is a bright story all around, packed with new beginnings and a focus for the future. Athison commends Stanley for his floral acumen, and wishes him very much success in his new endeavors. He is eager to make a meaningful impact in his new career.

“I’m getting in to peer support, to counsel people who are [experiencing] mental health issues. It’s something I’ve talked about for a while. It gives me a new goal, something to work toward, something I am passionate about,” Schweke shares. He continues:

“[My new career is] a natural progression and transition from what I was doing. In being a florist, you touch a lot of parts of people’s lives. You’re there for the births, the weddings, the deaths. There are not many jobs that work all facets of a person’s life.”

Fuentez shares a similar sentiment, ”I really like the funeral business — any part of helping people with the funeral. They have a need that I can fill. They are distraught, so I have the ability to help them celebrate the life of their loved one."

Foliage Shoppe customers are invited to shop McAdams Floral for all their floral needs: from anniversaries to birthdays, funerals and weddings – the team will have you covered. Simply log on www.mcadamsfloral.com or call 361-575-2307 for service.

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